Interview with Model Agnes Fischer

Photo: @agichristine - shot by @iammrshit

The Otter Ten is one of our favorite posts to compile because we always learn something new.

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For this edition of the Otter Ten, we got to speak with Agnes Fischer.

Agi first caught our attention with her healthy living and love of yoga and the beach!

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Photo: Bryce Thompson @shotbybryce
Photo: Bryce Thompson @shotbybryce

Now, on to the interview!

MalenDyer: What do we find in your beach bag?
Agi Fischer: Suntan lotion (SPF 50), a book, sunglasses, goggles, water bottle, hair treatment and a brush.

MD: What’s your must-do workout? Or, do you have a secret workout tip?
AF: For me, yoga is the best workout. I practice Bikram, Vinyasa and recently started with Ashtanga. I love Bikram Yoga (it’s the one in the heated room), as you sweat all toxins out – I always feel like a ‘new’ person afterwards.

MD: How do you prepare for a long flight?
AF: It depends where I fly to – into which timezone. I usually try to cut down sleep, so the jetlag isn’t too bad when i get there. Plus, I wanna be tired when I board, so I can sleep easily on the plane (I never take sleeping pills).

MD: What’s on top of your bucket list?
AF: I really wanna go to Greenland. I believe the nature must be beautiful up there and untouched.

MD: What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?
AF: Well, even though Greenland is on my bucket list, I would say the Cayman Islands. It’s supposed to be one of the best diving spots in the world.

MD: What’s your favorite animal?
AF: I don’t really have a favorite one to be honest. I love dogs, but if I see a small kitten I wanna cuddle that too.

AF: We drove through Namibia and Botswana two years ago and we saw a lion family – they are so graceful. I also like elephants. And when I dive or snorkel, I obviously love fish and turtles – I would probably have a zoo if i could. 😉

MD: What does modeling offer you?
AF: TRAVELING! As a kid (I grew up in a tiny village in Bavaria), I always imagined to go away and travel. I never knew how, but I knew I would. And then I started modeling, and it all fell into place.

MD: What did you study for? Or, what did you want to study to be?
AF: I didn’t study. I finished school and started travelling. For me that was more important. But, I`m doing my Yoga Teacher Training this year in Bali. 😉

MD: What’s your must-have beauty product?
AF: Eyebrow kit! I never leave the house without my brows done 😉 I use the angled brow brush from MAC and the concrete eyeshadow / eyebrow shadow.

MD: What’s your favorite beach activity?
AF: Stand up paddling and snorkling.

Photo: @danhilburn bikini: @auquaswimwear
Photo: @danhilburn bikini: @auquaswimwear

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