The Iconic Citroën Type H Van is Back

Photo: Citroën Type H - David Obendorfer, Fabrizio Caselani

We cannot always explain why but we get excited about camper vans. Remember Happier Camper, for example? Anyhow, we came across this bit of news that got our mind working overtime – which model do we want and how will we use it? So many options!

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Now, let’s fill you in.

Designer David Obendorfer and bodybuilder Fabrizio Caselani decided to revive the Type H, in honor of its 70th anniversary. The duo made a total of eight variations: the Panelvan (standard model), the Minibus, the Campervan, the Food Truck (mobile shop old style), the Food Truck (mobile shop modern style), the Camper, the Towtruck and the Wildcamp (4×4).

They are limiting the run to 70 of each type.

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