The Art of the Fit – Lace and Lingerie, #Md3 for Summer 2017

When a bra fits, the bra can be a magnificent piece of material. It can enhance, support and add a little of the je ne sais quoi to your look – even if you are the only one to see your bra.

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As we have experience in this area, or at least some in our team do, we wanted to offer five tips to help you find the right bra:

  • Step One: Decide what you want your bra to do for you. From strapless to sports bras, there are so many options. Begin by narrowing down your choices by deciding your primary objective – even if that means what you need is a good everyday bra.
  • Step Two: Wire or No Wire? And, don’t instantly say no to a wire. Your support should come from the band of the bra so the train of thought that fuller cups must have a wire is not necessarily true. Wires can be good, but remember to leave the door open for no wires.
  • Step Three…


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