Swimwear Goes 3D

Photo: CNET/Twitter

Swimwear should be fun and Nadir Gordon just reinforced that concept.

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Nadir is a design student that created this 3D swimsuit for a school project, and we are loving it!

She spoke with 3DPrint.com.

I began to study the vast world of 3D printing and became fascinated by it, seeing it as an opportunity to create garments and accessories in an innovative way.

Designers like Iris Van Herpen and Francis Bitonti, with their sculpture-like pieces, inspired me to experiment with this technology that provides tools to create volume and shapes that are almost impossible to construct with fabrics and the traditional ways of creating a garment.

Nadir highlighted that it’s more conceptual at this point than practical, and even while knowing that, we still want it!

Photo: 3DPrint.com/Twitter
Photo: 3DPrint.com/Twitter

The piece was inspired by “waves,” and we think that alone makes this piece of swimwear all the more exciting.


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