Seal Pup Versus a Surfboard

Photo: HydRemote/YouTube

A seal may not be our beloved otter, but it’s still cute. The video below shows how adorable nature can be and combined with a surfboard and the water, we just couldn’t ask for more.

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Here’s some background on what you are about to check out, from Ethan Janson.

Watch a seal pup struggle to climb onto my surfboard! I mounted a remote GoPro camera and these posers seemed to know exactly where to perform! It had rained that morning and the slip n’ slide ensued. This is nature’s story of struggle and perseverance. Does the villain prevail? Will Spotty triumph? Watch and see! These condensed clips occurred over a period of about 30 minutes.

Time for the cuteness to begin!

Doesn’t that just put an instant smile on your face? It does on ours.