Say Yes to MeUndies

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We love our swimwear, whether bikinis or one pieces or swim trunks.

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Here’s a conundrum for you.

What do you put on when taking the swimwear off that is just as Otterlicious as the swimwear you had on?

A cool and fun pair of undies!

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We recently discovered the brand, MeUndies, and we know you’ll like them too, especially after you check out the below.

Let’s get moving, so we can get you to say “Yes”.

Although we don’t necessary recommend strutting around the city like this, we do admit we often think about losing some layers when it gets hot in the city.

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Peak’ish views…

Otter Note: We hope you liked our play on words. We try to switch it up every so often.

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Best buds…

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Let’s hold tight here for a moment.

How epic is this picture?

The farmer’s tan to the polos tucked into the boxer briefs to the concentration still on the golf course – we love!

Flower power…

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Good morning good looking!

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Ahoy there sailor!

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Yes, we are feeling the morning greetings right now.

Mornings and undies just go so well together.

All we need now is a cup of coffee

“Life is too short for bad coffee and awful underwear” – Helen Petty

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We are all about helping you dress from day to night, from the beach to the indoors, and we weren’t joking.

Now, we are certain you’ve said “yes” to the undies…