Rayne Ivanushka on Love of Nature, Modeling and Role Models

Photo: white cross management

Rayne Ivanushka is a model that hails from Big Bear City in California, east of Los Angeles. During our interview with her, we got to hear more about her nature-loving side, along with the highlight of her career thus far and who her role models include.

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Rayne called us early on a Friday morning, and we were lucky to catch her, as she has been quite busy. For a model, this is always a good sign. She has been working on a variety of projects, including a Lexus commercial, a Forever 21 campaign and a campaign for Los Angeles-based Linea Paolo shoes. She has also done a variety of covers for magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazar as well as an editorial for Iconic Magazine.

“I’m grateful for the range of projects I get to do.”

“I’m grateful for the range of projects I get to do,” shared Rayne. “In 2016 – 2017, I had a very busy year, which saw me on billboards in [and around] L.A. That was a surreal moment where I was receiving messages from [different] people seeing my work, although, I had been working for some time.”

Rayne continued, “I also worked on Cadillac and Lexus commercials that exposed me to a whole other audience. I was also on the cover of an Inside Weddings issue, which was great to be able to see my picture and show friends and family. Everything is so digital today, and it’s nice when you can have something physical to see your work.”

The more we spoke with Rayne, the more we got a sense of a girl-next-door vibe. When she brought up Big Bear, we could not resist finding out more about this side of her.

“I try to go back [to Big Bear] every other weekend to see my family and my horse. It’s nice to have an escape, and I love riding my horse. There’s a deep creek there too. I actually love all bodies of water – they are so magical, so beautiful.”

“I try to go back [to Big Bear] every other weekend to see my family and my horse. It’s nice to have an escape.”

When she cannot make it to Big Bear, she does find some relief from L.A. in Malibu. “I’m a big hiker. In the Santa Monica Mountains by Malibu, there are wildflowers and views of the ocean. I feel the ocean is so centering. I love looking out over it and seeing how vast it is.”

She also shared with us some of her favorite swim brands, which include Ark Swimwear and Dos Gardenias, who she just recently worked with. And, when in L.A., she does have some places she recommends checking out.

The Rose Cafe, Gjelina restaurant and Salt & Straw ice cream parlor – all in Venice. And, there is the ice cream parlor and bake shop Milk and India Sweets & Spices restaurant – both in Los Angeles.

As for role models, she looks to within and outside of the industry for inspiration.

Cindy Crawford is a supermodel and a business icon. Then there is Ashley Graham and Winnie Harlow – it’s great to see these unique shifts in the industry where not having the perfect body [is accepted]. My mom and my sister, also! I’ve seen how hard they work, and it makes me think twice about complaining after a long day.”

Photo: white cross management

Rayne also spoke a couple of times about her adoration for the 90s models, not only for Crawford but also for Claudia Schiffer and others within that era who she looks to for inspiration.

With such an optimistic and driven outlook, Rayne was a pleasure to speak with, and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for her.

Connect with Rayne on Instagram @rayne_i.

Rayne is represented by White Cross Management.