Peony’s Swimwear to Go Sustainable

Photo: peonyswimwear/instagram

Peony has announced their plans to go sustainable with their swimwear, beginning with their July collection. This collection will consist of half recycled and sustainable swimwear styles.

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“We genuinely care about the environment, and we know you do too,” shared Peony. “So, we’ve decided to work more sustainably and to work with the environment, not against it. And, in doing so, [we will] create swimwear that is as sustainable as it is beautiful.”

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“[This is] the first step on our journey towards sustainability,” commented Peony. “Join us in taking a step in the right direction.”

The brand plans on utilizing sustainable Italian fabrics that are made by regenerating discarded materials, such as fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

Stay tuned for Peony’s July launch at