Paul Giggle Unveils ’12 Natural Wonders’ for 2018 – Japan

Noodles - Paul Giggle

For fashion photographer and film director Paul Giggle‘s sixth installment of his “12 Natural Wonders” series, he traveled to Japan.

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“Japan has a plethora of iconic inspiration and traditions to be thanked for: Geishas, Samurai, Sumo, Green Tea, Sushi, Tea Houses, Kimonos, Sake, Ninjas, Zen, Bonsai, Udon Noodles, Cherry Blossoms and many more,” the photographer shared. “[I] wanted to include some of the culture and tradition whilst injecting a modern ‘fashion’ twist.”

As with other locations previous to Japan, including Russia and Brazil, Giggle did his homework on the locations and the local partners he would need to leverage, such as modelling agencies.

For the Japan edition, Giggle enlisted a whole team, which included: producer Nelson Khoury, production coordinator Silvia Bernhard, stylist Masaki Kataoka, makeup artist Vivianne Tran, hair stylists Tatsu and Kanako Sato and photography assistants Hiroki Nagahiro and Bruce Yamakawa.

Set me free – Paul Giggle

Samurai – Paul Giggle

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Rickshaw – Paul Giggle
Lace Ninja – Paul Giggle
Green Tea – Paul Giggle

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Crossing The Line – Paul Giggle
Waiting for Love – Paul Giggle

Giggle added, “With so many ideas and possibilities to choose from the main challenge for me was to work out what was achievable in the time. I wanted to explore the narrow lane ways in Tokyo and Kyoto for the Geisha Scene, include the famous Love hotels, Samurai in a bamboo forest and also shoot in the busy Shibuya Square. My producers always think I am nuts and try to tell me that it isn’t possible. I think we managed OK”.

We think so too, Paul!

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