Otter Living – Frank Lloyd Wright

Photo: fallingwaterwpc/ Instagram

For this installment of Otterlicious Living, we are going to look to Frank Lloyd Wright. He worked to bring nature into his designs and to make the design a part of the landscape.

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As nature is such a huge inspiration for us, we found it fitting to focus this edition solely on Frank Lloyd Wright.

The below images are from one of our favorite Frank Lloyd Wright designs, Falling Water in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

A photo posted by Fallingwater (@fallingwaterwpc) on

A photo posted by Fallingwater (@fallingwaterwpc) on

The caption on the below photo we had to keep in because it sums up the theme of these images so well.

As for the below post, we had to leave you with an overview shot of Falling Water that emphasizes how nature and the structure go hand-in-hand, in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

We hope you’ve been inspired to bring a little nature in and a little architecture out.