Ottergram – We See You!

Photo: mahinaalexander/instagram

Ottergram is here and ready for your viewing pleasure. More than just imagery, this edition brings together models, photographers, an athlete and fashion.

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And, kicking us off is…

Photographer Maximiliaan Kuy who captured model Vigdis Bonvik in Venice Beach, CA.

“Babe watching with Amanda Rodríguez.”

Maximiliaan Kuy

We see you…


Photo: melwitharosee/instagram
Photo: melwitharosee/instagram

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Australian photographer Fran Miller captured Honolua Blomfield in action…

Photo: honoluablomfield/instagram
Photo: honoluablomfield/instagram

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Selena Weber (right) with Alex Obar in Puerto Rico

Photo: selenaweber/instagram
Photo: selenaweber/instagram

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Swedish model Elsa Hosk having some fun…

And with the end of the Rio Olympics, what better way to close out this Ottergram than with a Brazilian model. Annelyse Schoenberger struck this pose on Taquaras Beach in Brazil.

Photo: anneschoenberger/instagram
Photo: anneschoenberger/instagram

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Featured image is of Mahina Alexander.