Ottergram – Something New…time to shop

Ph: maliamurphey/instagram

With the New Year, it’s time to start looking ahead. For this ottergram, we have picked some of our favorite styles to help you add that something new to your wardrobe.

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All of these items will fit nicely in your walk-in closet.

Wait, you don’t have a walk-in closet?

Or, maybe that’s just us living in New York City?

Regardless, we know we can find room for these looks…somewhere…we will make the room.

To get us in the shopping mood, we are handing it over to model, Malia Murphey. Sunshine, we are coming for you!

“Sun, stay out today.”

Malia Murphey

Ph: maliamurphey/instagram
Ph: maliamurphey/instagram

Shop the Above: Beachgold – Drift Journey Maxi Capri for $195.

When the sea takes you from day to night, we recommend you do it in style…

Ph: gokhangunes81/instagram
Ph: gokhangunes81/instagram

Shop the Above: Independent Leaders – Ramone Mens Polo Shirt for $55.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Yes, we don’t need to say anything else…

Ph: jck_photography/instagram
Ph: jck_photography/instagram

Shop the Above: Ella May Maui Jewellery.

“Looking for my fellow zebra friends.”

Alana Blanchard

Every woman needs a one piece in her wardrobe…

Ph: alanarblanchard/instagram
Ph: alanarblanchard/instagram

Shop the Above: Krystle Knight Jewellery – Mini Healing Necklace for $119.

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When in Puerto Vallarta…

One must have swimwear that can also work as streetwear…

Ph: maupoil/instagram
Ph: maupoil/instagram

Shop the Above: Fematta Swimwear – Monokini Mono04 for $620
Azul Siete Swimwear – Bleu Swim Trunks for Him for $79.

“Bikini time is all of the time…”


Ph: juliette_perkins1/instagram
Ph: juliette_perkins1/instagram

And now, it’s time to ponder…which item shall we begin with? Something new for 2017…

Ph: cameron_hammond/instagram
Ph: cameron_hammond/instagram

Shop the Above: Rusty – Cruise Triangle Bikini Top for $46
Rusty – Cruise Midi Bikini Pant for $40.

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P.S. The featured image is from designer Matt Bruening.