Ottergram Roundup – Your Weekly Shot of Beach

Photo: ambermozo/instagram

“We are here!” Alice shouted excitedly as she left the airplane behind.

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“Finally. Finally we made it to the land where the sea is the bluest of blues, the air is warm and nature is its finest. We are here in paradise,” added John – her beau.

After the duo got situated in their hotel room, which was more like a villa set right by the sea where they could easily slip out onto the beach at any time, they were greeted by Mr. T.

“Why hello glorious couple. I’m Mr. T!”

The couple looked at each other, not sure whether to smirk at the thought of the Mr. T that came to their mind or to simply go with the flow.

As they were on holiday, they chose the latter.

“I’ve been told you’ve traveled thousands upon thousands of miles to get here. I’m going to ensure your journey was well worth it,” Mr. T continued.

“I’m only asking one thing from both of you. Let your inhibitions behind and simply become one with the island…”

On that note, Mr. T walked Alice and John out of their hotel room and started them on a journey the duo would not want to ever forget.

“You see young ones, beach living is about enjoying each and every moment. It’s about savoring the sand between your toes and feeling the sea salt cover every inch your body – from your head to your toes.”
Photo: ciscoandthesun/instagram
Photo: ciscoandthesun/instagram

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“Beach living extends to the far depths of the sea. Go as far as you think you can go. Then, train and learn to go even deeper. The beauty of the sea goes far beyond the surface.”

Photo: reef_girls/instagram
Photo: reef_girls/instagram

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“And, speaking of beauty, don’t let any insecurities hinder you at the beach. Be free and love yourself as much as you love the beach.”

Photo: peonyswimwear/instagram
Photo: peonyswimwear/instagram

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“As the sun begins to set, don’t be sad the day is nearly over. Instead, enjoy the stillness and changing of the tides, as there is still a lot more adventure to be had.”

Photo: brooklynhawaii/instagram
Photo: brooklynhawaii/instagram

“When nighttime rolls in, there is a whole other set of life that comes out. Don’t be nervous, instead, explore and let the light of the moon guide you.”

Photo: hotelskansen/instagram
Photo: hotelskansen/instagram

Otter Fun Fact: The above image is a snap from Sweden where one of the founders is from!

“When all is said and done. Always remember you will carry these moments with you…”

Photo: threeifbysea/instagramr
Photo: threeifbysea/instagramr

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And just like that, Alice woke up.

“Mr. T!” she asked while anxiously looking around the room.

John started to wake up.

Then, she quickly realized, it was all a dream…

Ottergram – Time to Wake Up!

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