Ottergram Roundup – Star Spangled Beach

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With the Fourth of July having come and gone already, we are feeling ready for the next adventure.

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Yet, we are still in the festive spirits.

For this edition of Ottergram Roundup, we have pulled together snaps that are all about the Star Spangled Beach.

We are starting off with some cuteness…

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Changing the mood slightly while still retaining some cuteness…

“Watching friends create a life is so magical, but even more so today, knowing that he will one day be able to decide who he loves without worry.” – Alyssa Miller

Now, let’s head off to the beach!

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We always get so excited about the beach, we wonder if we have missed out on other fun holiday to-dos?

We know.

Let’s take a detour and hear from Chrissy Teigen to see what she likes to do.

“A few things I love about America: drinking Captain Morgan by the pool, grilling out…” – Chrissy.

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Oh yes, relaxing by the pool does sound nice…

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And grilling outdoors is always a great way to spend summer nights, or in the case below, a nice little fire…

Did someone bring marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate?

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Thanks Chrissy!

We’d say we got lots of other to-dos added to our list.

Have a great week and hang loose!

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One last note – The featured image is of Valentino from the brand’s Starfish collection, and we can’t get enough of it.

The design is the perfect way to summarize our Star Spangled Beach edition of Ottergram Roundup.