Ottergram Roundup – Special Midsummer Edition

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With Midsummer happening in Sweden, which is where half of MD was founded, we thought we would throw in a little something special for this holiday.

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To kick-off this special edition of Ottergram Roundup, we are going to hand it over to Natasha Overin.

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Story by Natasha via Instagram
Lessons from the Sea

When I was a kid, I remember paddling out into the ocean almost every morning during the summertime. The morning in particular, which I can still recall quite vividly years later, was a hazy dawn patrol in July. It was odd weather, not the typical bright day one would expect of the season, but the type of beach weather which forces you to dig your wetsuit out of your garage in the middle of the summertime.

There was a gloom which hung from the palm trees, silenced the seagulls, and kept even the most enthusiastic of beach going tourists indoors. The fog began to roll in, until suddenly, the waves came to a lull and the shoreline was no longer visible- it was a fog bank like no other, blanketing the surface of the sea.

I remember trying to make out the figures around me, perhaps fellow surfers, lost in the fog as well- but I could not. I was wide-eyed and utterly alone; just myself, my board and whatever lay in the emerald water beneath me.

I began to paddle towards what I felt, not with eyes, but with instinct, was dry land. It was at that point that I learned a valuable lesson about life- sometimes, when the fog rolls in, you’ve got to be your own lighthouse.


Let’s take a moment to let that all sync in. RELATED: Yoga with Tegan Haining | Seal Pup Versus a Surfboard Now, we are offering you two options.

  • Option One: You can check out our Magic of Lighthouses post.
  • Option Two: You can continue on this Midsummer adventure.


For Option One – click The Magic of Lighthouses. For Option Two – well, just continue onwards…

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The magic of Midsummer is that we know a beach awaits…

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Happy Midsummer from the Otter Team!

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Of course we wouldn’t leave you hanging.