Ottergram Roundup – Some Relaxation, Some Nature and Some…

Photo: lucyaragon/Instagram

“It’s not a boyfriend, but it’s the next best thing,” Lucinda Aragon – our featured snap pic.

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For this week’s edition of Ottergram Roundup, we start out relaxed and end with some nature.

What happens in-between?

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Well, there’s only one way to find out…

Kick-off those sneakers and enjoy this edition of Ottegram!

Cue the bikini snaps…

Or, in this case, proof our obsession with crochet swimwear and one piece swimwear can be combined.

Oh yes, here are the bikini snaps…

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We can’t get enough of the blues of this bikini bottom…

Also, the accessories are spot-on.


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Time to cool off…

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Last but not least, we are sending you off with one of our own!

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A relaxed start, but we feel we picked it up quite well and closed it the best way possible – with some nature.

Until next week, keep cool and keep smiling.