Ottergram Roundup – Island Adventures

Photo: fuocobird/instagram

There are times our Ottergram Roundup includes a little of that and a little of this. Then, there are times where we take you somewhere special.

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This edition of Ottergram Roundup is the latter.

Prepare yourself for lots of sunshine, underwater adventures and so much more…

Time to get this island adventure underway!

Shall we begin with an afternoon dip?

We know – it’s hard to say no.

We can almost feel the warmth from this snap that exudes summer in each and every hue.

Here’s pro surfer Moona Whyte.

Wonder what’s out there…

Make sure to always be on the lookout…

You don’t ever know when the fun will come around!

Chelsea Yamase in KaiKini Bikinis

Samantha Gerard Blacktip shark scouting in Acacia Swimwear

And, Anela Iokia talking to the dolphins – we love!

The world is a awesome place to live, take care of it!

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We have been in the island mood this week, beginning with photographer Cameron Brooks, what will we bring you next week?

Only one way to find out.

See you then!

P.S. The feature image is of artist and ocean lover, Jill Bird.