Ottergram Roundup – Getting into the Blue

Photo: jamieblee/instagram

Every time we see the blue of the sea, we need to jump in.

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How we get in often differs each time.

In a nod to the fun of simply getting into the blue, we are dedicating this week’s Ottergram Roundup to that very notion.

Grab your swimsuit or swim trunks and let’s head out.

Or, maybe you prefer to bring neither…

We are leaving that up to you!

Lili is wearing a Victoria’s Secret bikini bottom and is ready for the big blue!

A photo posted by Lili (@_lilikoi) on

Brent Broza, a photographer and surfer, is flexing in his Birdwell Beach Britches boardshorts, which have been made by hand in Santa Ana, California, since 1961.

Seeking waterfalls…

Gabrielle Grace Epstein is by Killen Falls wearing a striped bikini from Seafolly.

Surfer Magazine photographer Jim Russi captures pro surfer Honolua Blomfield by Chuns Reef in Hawaii, wearing a bikini from O’Neill.

Brooklyn Kelly is sporting the Nevada racer back top and the Mia cheeky pant from Australian brand, Kopper and Zink as she enjoys the blue.

A photo posted by BONNIE CEE (@bonniecee) on

As for Daisy, well, she is showing us all up!

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What’s your favorite way of getting into the blue?

P.S. The feature image is of Jamie Crighton from the Gold Coast, enjoying the calmness of the ocean.