Ottergram Roundup – Coastal Views

Photo: maxgser/instagram

We love the beach.

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Yet, we love the sea even more.

In other words, we don’t always need a beach to appreciate the coastline.

For this week’s Ottergram Roundup, we have a selection of coastline snaps that will leave you wanting to head to your nearest coast – no matter where that may be.

Grab your swimwear and your hiking shoes, as you don’t know where we’ll end up!

Hello Vic, Iceland!

A photo posted by overxposure (@overxposure) on

Yeah, we know.

It’s hard to top that view!

Let’s switch it up and do something a tad more relaxing then.

Maybe we should start our day with a sauna and some friends…

A photo posted by Jan Helbo (@helbosfugle) on

Or, maybe we find some beach and feel the sand between our toes…

A photo posted by Amy Scott (@amyjeanscott) on

Or, maybe we just admire the sea from afar…

A photo posted by MalenDyer (@malendyer) on

Or, we see what awaits for us within its waters…

A photo posted by @mj_day on

Or, maybe we’ll check it out this way, at least while in Malta…

A photo posted by overxposure (@overxposure) on

No matter how we spend the day, we know we all want more evenings like this!

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P.S. If you don’t live near the coast, no worries!

Lakes can be just as fun too…

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Until next week…

Keep living the Otterlicious life.