Ottegram – February Had Friends, Family and Fun

Flamingo love with model Megan Irminger in Aruba, photo: corey_wilson/ig

With February now behind us, we feel all warm and fuzzy from seeing friends and talking about what awaits us this summer, including the sun and the sand we all adore. With that in mind, we have kicked off this Ottergram with some flamingo fun from model Megan Irminger, which was captured in Aruba.

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Here, photographer Cameron Hammond captured this moment with models Eden Bristowe and Lea Dina Mohr, in the bay of Sydney, and features L Space Swimwear.

photo: cameron_hammond/ig

What would February have been without some fun fish moments? Well, who could say “no” to a dolphin family with a baby one tagging along for the ride?

photo: pete thomas

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Look who it is! Model Aude-Jane Deville, whom we got to interview in New York City in 2016.

photo: janeaudedeville/ig

Remember, “Fish is a friend, not food,” at least when we talk about the queen of the ocean. Photographer Juan Oliphant has a close encounter with the great one!

photo: oceanramsey/ig

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German model Julia Stegner is pictured “hand-in-hand with the love of her life”. This shows one example of the importance to live in the moment and to take it all in.

photo: juliastegner/ig

Friends in blue: Cathlin Christina and Kristina Mendonca are catching up and doing what we think more should do – read a magazine, anywhere and everywhere.


When in need of some beach inspiration, look no further than to Hanalei Reponty-Gudauskas and Hina Moon

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photo: serenalutton/ig

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