Ottergram – Cover Me

Chantelle Pretorius, ph: sagarmanjarres/ig

You know what time it is? It is Ottergram time! And, now that fall has come into sight, it is time to cover up…

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Feel the need, the need to cover your need for some coffee like model Ariadne Artiles

ph: ariadneartiles/ig

And, when you need a cover of shade, think of model Rachel Starr for this tip…

Rachel Starr, ph: alexrosenkreuzphotography/ig

A book…cover. How practical and who would have thought about that!?

Vivi König, ph: christopherschmidtofficial/ig

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Take cover – no strings attached…

Nathalie Sinkvist, ph: sagarmanjarres/ig

A perfect fit, a radiator cover thanks to model Amanda Pizziconi.

ph: amandapizziconi/ig

Sometimes you should ask yourself, if it is better to take cover or…? Shark diver Kayleigh Nicole Burns in action.

Kayleigh Nicole Burns, ph: camgrantphotography/ig

When you need someone to cover the bill..

Mathilde Gøhler, ph: oliverknauer/ig

Until next time, stay covered!

Chantelle Pretorius, ph: sagarmanjarres/ig

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