Otter Workout – Yoga with YoGoGirls

Photo: yogogirls/Instagram

Michelle Thomas and Debby Siegel are the duo behind YoGoGirls.

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The fitness branding agents are self-described, “spirited yogini cyclist edge-dwellers, inspiring with images and words.”

Yoga + Cycling + Inspiration!?

Yep, it’s looking good.

We have more though…

“Playing on land and sea, you’ll find us on a mat, bike, paddleboard or rock,” the duo added.

Now add sea to that equation, and we are sold!

Let’s get this edition of Otter Workout started by kicking it off with some stretching…

Feeling the ballet-inspiration on this stretch…

A photo posted by Y O G O G I R L S (@yogogirls) on

You may need to repeat the previous two stretches before moving onto this one…

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We are definitely missing some portions of this sequence, which is why the next images are just what the YoGoGirls emphasized – inspirational…

Inversion time!

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Proper alignment is everything – safety first!

Are you thinking what we are thinking?


A swim after this yoga session is just what the Otter ordered…

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Talk about needing focus and balance – mentally and physically…

Bringing the workout full circle by beginning with how we started – with stretching…

Just in case you are reading this when you aren’t in activewear

Or, we just emphasized the importance of stretching and of yoga, as it allows you to check on your pedicure.

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We are feeling inspired and motivated!

Where to begin?

Oh yes, let’s start with some simple stretches…

We have to start somewhere!