Interview with Model Billie Edwards

Photo: billiebillie/instagram

Billie Edwards is an Australian model, stylist, blogger and so much more!

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She is also a full-time student where she’s studying fine art fashion and business at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane with a goal of working in fashion marketing.

Billie hails from Cabarita Beach in New South Wales and is an ambassador for Volcom

From drinking green smoothies and coffee to enjoying the beach and yoga and having an appreciation for fashion, Billie was one individual we knew we had to connect with.

We know.

You are ready to hear from Billie.

Got it.

Onto the Otter Ten!

1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
“I love you green tea, but due to a busy lifestyle my answer is coffee. I like it strong and with soymilk.”

2. How do you prepare for a long flight?
“I wash my face, braid my hair and put on the most pajama-like clothing possible. I also fill my iPod with new albums and podcasts I’d been meaning to listen to.”

“Oh and water, I must take water.”

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3. If you received a multi-million dollar payday, what would you do?
“I’d buy two houses in two very beautiful locations. Then, I would fly my friends to each of the houses to celebrate and have an extended holiday-like housewarming.”

“Next, I would take my family on a holiday of their choice (which would be the Greek Islands) to say thank you for putting up with me.”

4. What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?
“That’s a very difficult choice, but I’m going to say India. It’s like nowhere else.”

5. What’s your favorite animal?
“Koala / Platypus / Dolphin / Fox.”

Photo: Ming Chong - The Drifter Blog
Photo: Ming Chong – The Drifter Blog

6. What does modeling offer you?
“A chance to work with some really beautiful and creative people.”

7. What do we find in your beach bag?
“A sarong, coconut sunscreen, a good book, a camera and probably some fruit.”

8. What’s your go-to fashion brand? Or, is there a particular brand you are crushing on right now?
“To be honest, I don’t regularly buy from fashion brands and prefer to wear adopted vintage pieces I’ve gathered.”

“But, labels like Free People, She Made Me and Sugar High Love Stoned are divine. I also have a big crush on a new label, Réalisation Par, at the moment.”

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Photo: Ali Mitton
Photo: Ali Mitton

9. What’s your must-have beauty product?
“Coconut oil – for both hair and skin. I’m not a big believer in much else! I stick with natural things.”

10. What does your perfect day off include?
“Awake from a solid eight-hour sleep, make an extravagant fruit salad or something else delicious, maybe some Pilates and then an adventure to a new beach I haven’t yet explored.”

“Also, a nap at 3pm is always ideal. Then, possibly some night time wine beverages with close friends.”

Photo: Tess Leopold - In Search of This
Photo: Tess Leopold – In Search of This

Bonus Question: What are you reading right now?

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We are feeling inspired – a full-time student and traveling the world! We approve!

Be sure to stay looped in to all of Billie’s adventures on Instagram @billiebillie.

Until next time…