Otter Shop – Work It Off!

Photo: Izi Simundic/instagram - wearing First Base - flight or fight

One of our favorite parts about fall is heading outdoors.

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As the temps begin to cool off, we like to grab our running shoes, our bike or even our surfboard while donning a wetsuit to enjoy nature in all of its glory.

With this said, we also know that having some Otterlicious clothing to workout in not only adds a touch of motivation to these workouts but some fun too.

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Let’s get this Work It Off Otter Shop underway…

With some stretching!

Here, Emily Keenan wears First Base Fit‘s Core Leggings in Palm Print.

Time for some weights!

We are a fan of lighter weights and more reps.

Here’s Priscila Uchoa sporting a crop top and leggings from Line Up Sportswear.

Now we are ready to get our run on!

Leggings and top from Sweaty Betty.

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Shall we do some dips next?

Carly Rowena dons Sweaty Betty’s Lateral Run Leggings and Resistance Workout Bra.

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Basketball or more weights…

Decisions, decisions…

Priscila’s ensemble is from Line Up Sportswear.

Off to the beach we go!

Pro-Skateboarder Stefani Nurding is wearing the Freestyle Bikini Top and Splits Run Leggings from Sweaty Betty’s The Tomboy Tribe collection.

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If you need a little protection as the waters begin to cool off, here’s a wetsuit from Line Up.

Don’t forget to wear layers!

Especially as the mornings and evenings get cooler and cooler.

Here’s Izi Simundic in a Flow Crop Top, Recovery Shorts and mesh jacket from First Base Fit.

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Our weekends equal bike rides, and with only a couple left, we are out of here…

Marcia Leone in Rumble Halter crop and Core Palm leggings from First Base Fit.

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Keep it healthy and keep it real…

Now, let’s get shopping!