Otter Shop Weekly- Swim by the Moonlight

Swimming in the moonlight.

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With the moon’s glow lighting your swim and the stillness of the world around you, the experience is one-of-a-kind.

For this week’s Ottershop, we are bringing you an Otterlicious way to tap into those feelings, anytime, anywhere in this exclusive pairing.

To begin, you will need the BALL Watch Trainmaster Moon Phase that has a glowing moon on it.

The wearer can see the moon phase even on the cloudiest nights or in the worst of storms, since the moon ‘glows itself’ on the wristwatch without external source of light or energy.

We love!


The face comes in black, blue or silver.

Since you are going for a moonlit swim, you have to do it the Otterlicious way- in style.

The below one-piece with cutouts- we love the v-neck shape of this swimsuit– is from Mara Hoffman.


Photo: b_maren/instagram
Photo: b_maren/instagram

This Mara Hoffman Harvest cutout printed swimsuit is $230 and can be found at Net-A-Porter here