Otter Shop – Denim

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For this week’s Otter Shop, we are looking at denim.

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We love denim because it exudes effortless style, and we love the ability to dress it up or down.

Denim can take you to and from the beach while being suitable for nearly any other adventure that comes in-between.

In honor of the versatility of denim, we are looking at some snaps of our favorite denim brands, including Paige Denim, who has enlisted Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a face for the brand once again this fall, Citizens of Humanity, Club Monaco and others.

Let’s get this denim journey started…

Otter Style Tip: Dress up denim with an accessory, such as a handbag.

We love the sexiness of this look.

Yet, there is a hint of sophistication – a classic, tailored white button-down shirt works wonders, and it’s a must-have in your closet.

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Yes, a jean jacket can look Otterlicious.

Case in point…

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Otter Style Tip: Another way to dress up denim is with a black blazer, or in this case, a black coat.

White denim – so clean and crisp…

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And the true beauty of denim – it was made for adventures

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And we think the beach too!

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Of course, the perfect way to end the day (and the post) – by the beach!

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Can we ever have enough denim?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

Time to shop!