Otter Shop – Cynthia Rowley

Photo: cynthia_rowley/instagram

For this week’s Otter Shop, we are heading to the beach with Cynthia Rowley.

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Anyone who has followed Ms. Rowley knows her passion for beachwear is quite sincere.

When asked about her favorite surf spot in Montauk, in The Hamptons, she is often mum.


Because if she shares her spot than everyone will know the hot tip.

We like how she rolls.

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With someone that has that much love for the beach, we know her designs must reflect that too.

In turn, this week’s Otter Shop is dedicated to Cynthia Rowley.

Here’s Ms. Rowley with her daughter, Kit, in where else but The Hamptons.

On to the fashions, beginning with some floral inspiration…

Here’s the Printed Wetsuit w/ Side Zip for $295 that will allow you to bring some floral fun to any beach.


“When it rains, just wear a wetsuit” – C.R.

The above – Printed Wetsuit for $265.

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We are loving the styling in the below image.

Yes, C.R. has redefined how we think about wetsuits…

Colorblock Wetsuit for $210

When it comes to wetsuits, there is a lot more than solid colors in basic colors available these days.

Remember when wetsuits seemed so dull and boring?

Well, thanks to C.R. – not anymore…

Now, you can even have fun with shapes!

The below is the Athletic Stripe Wetsuit for $210.


And if you don’t want to wear your wetsuit to and from the beach

Try the Cynthia Rowley Cotton Voile Peasant Tunic for $250.

Whichever style you choose – have fun!

Sun’s out, buns out..

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Be sure to follow Cynthia Rowley on Instagram and check out the brand’s entire collection online at

P.S. Even if you don’t surf, know that wetsuits can be worn to paddleboard, kayak or any other sea adventure you may be up to. Yes, even a simple beach day counts…