Otter Photographer Spotlight – Jody Pachniuk

Photo: jodypachniuk/

Photos are powerful.

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They can capture a moment in a way that evokes emotions and memories that little else can do.

In our new, ongoing series, we are going to shine the Otter Spotlight on various photographers that do just that.

Jody Pachniuk is based in Sydney, Australia, and had this to say.

“The picture. It’s all about the picture. Delivering something inspiring, intriguing and on the money.”

Well said, Jody!

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Once you see these images, we know you’ll see why we chose them – they exude a healthy and hearty beach feel…

Venice Beach…

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These next couple of images may not include a beach, but we are envisioning a beach is right around the corner…

Or, maybe a cup of coffee?

And, here’s the beach again…

Finally, here’s the man behind-the-lens

Photo: Courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Pictures. They do say so much.

We just feel as if we ventured to the beach and back