Otter Obsession- Missoni

Photo: Missoni/Instagram

The colors, the colors and the colors.

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We are obsessed with Missoni right now. The Italian brand’s summer 2015 collection is fun, full of life and simply begs to be worn.

What we love about this brand is they don’t stop at clothes or accessories. In fact, some of their Missoni Home pieces are just as fabulous and need to be admired.

How do we choose which items we want first? We are thinking we shouldn’t have to choose and instead dabble in a little Missoni Home, a little womenswear and a little menswear.

A photo posted by Missoni (@missoni) on

A photo posted by Missoni (@missoni) on

A photo posted by Missoni (@missoni) on

Just in case you need a little more convincing, check out Missoni’s summer 2015 advertising campaign.

Isn’t there something just slightly off? We mean this in a good way of course, as it’s why Missoni summer 2015 is our Otter Obsession. We can’t get enough!


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