Model Spotlight – Zahara Davis

Photo: npmalina/instagram

Zahara Davis is a St. Lucian, Native American and a Brit that was raised in Bali.

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We can’t get enough of her vibe, which is certainly inspired by her background.

Let’s get started with a few snaps that support that thought with our latest installment of our Otter Model Spotlight.

We are feeling the island feel in this shot – maybe this was Bali-inspired?

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We are sensing a tad of Adrian Lima in this snap…

The blue in this image reminds us of the sea – we are ready to go!

And the orange exuding from this pic reminds us of an epic sunset

Too far of a stretch?

A photo posted by Zahara Davis (@zaharaadavis) on

Nah – we didn’t think so either.

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Let’s head to the beach!

Here’s Zahara for Kovey Swimwear

Until next time…

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Be sure to follow Zahara on Instagram @zaharaadavis.