Model Spotlight – Imogen Caldwell

Photo: imogencaldwell/instagram

Imogen Caldwell is an Australian model, a surfer and so much more.

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For this week’s Otter Model Spotlight, we are heading to the beach – Imogen exudes the beach lifestyle, and we can tell the Australian blood flows in her veins.

On the surfing note, it only seems fitting to begin by looking at Imogen and the waves

Wow! We love that shot – shows the true beauty and power of the ocean.

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Moving on to some more surfing action!

A girl and her board – a bond that’s hard to break!

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Now, time for some beach-inspired snaps…

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Until next time…

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Stay tuned for the next installment of our Otter Model Spotlight and in the interim, be sure to enjoy the waves…

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