Model Spotlight – Gabriella Lenzi

Photo: gabriellalenzi/Instagram

Gabriella Lenzi hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and we are excited to have her in this week’s Otter Model Spotlight.

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If you don’t catch her skateboarding (just check out her YouTube channel – @GabriellaLenzi), you are certain to find her in the water. Of course, we are certain we just had to mention she’s from Brazil to have your attention – a country that has quite a history with models.

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Let’s get started…

Time for some action!

How fun was the music in those last two clips? We love!

May not be an otter pictured with her, but we still approve.

How great would this swimsuit be paired with a pair of linen pants for a night out in the Hamptons or Miami?

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Looking forward to what Otterlicious adventure Gabriella will be up to next.