Otter Man – Speed Edition

First of all, the Bentley Continental GT Speed has “speed” within its name so that must count for extra points, right?

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As our ongoing battle between Bentley and Aston Martin continues, we are looking at speed for this round.

After you watch the video above and be sure to listen to it with the sound on, let’s switch gears – no pun intended – and take a look at the Continental GT3-R on some unordinary conditions.

Looks like it’s handling those turns flawlessly.

If there’s still any doubt why the Bentley should trump the Aston, Team Bentley wants to leave you with these images.

Creating harmony between sharp lines and flowing surfaces. The #EXP10Speed6 represents a #dynamic sculpture. #Exclusive #Design #Sketch

A photo posted by Bentley Motors Official (@bentleymotors) on

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Stay tuned for next week as Team Aston has its turn to plead its speed case.