Otter Living – Tiny Houses

Photo: tinyhouseblog/Instagram

Great things come in small packages, as they say.

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In this week’s Otter Living, we are taking those words to heart by focusing on Tiny Houses.

Let’s not limit ourselves to land-based Tiny Houses, as we can take small living to the waters too.

Out of all of these options, our favorite must be the Tiny Houses Mini Cooper edition.

We know. This isn’t necessarily Otter Living, as it’s more like Otter Camping, but it’s still fun!

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Of course we don’t expect you to get rid of everything and downsize tomorrow, but if anything, draw inspiration from these Tiny Houses to find ways to remove the clutter that you can.

In this way, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important – the beach, the sand, the surf, the water, the…

We are liking this Tiny House idea.