Otter Living – Outdoor Showers

Photo: nest_socal/Instagram

Taking an outdoor shower can be quite special.

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You’re outside, cool water falling over you and fresh air blowing around you.

Let’s pause here for a moment to let this all sink in…

Now, to take the outdoor shower experience to the next level, you may even have the sound of the ocean nearby or views of nature surrounding you.

Are you feeling it?

We are…

This scene is our inspiration for this installment of Otter Living.

We’ve compiled some outdoor shower images that will leave you ready to plan out your next home project.

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We love how the white is used in this space, which makes it clean and simple – reminiscent of the beach.

A slightly different take on the outdoor shower in this image.

The palette is still neutral, but the black, white and green adds a nice contrast to the setting.


Injects an instant sense of fun to the space.

Even from indoors, this outdoor shower can be enjoyed.

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Frank Lloyd Wright would be proud!

Nature blending with architecture.

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Talk about a view!

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We love all of the foliage in the above picture – so inviting!

Or, if a bath is for you, we have something special for you…

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We are feeling so refreshed.

Nature is relaxing.

A shower is relaxing.

Yeah, we are feeling good right now…