Otter Escape – To the High Seas

Photo: Tradewindslife/Instagram

Pack your bags and get ready to dip your toes in the water because we are heading off to the high seas.

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For this week’s Otter Escape, we are taking you out on an exploration that will leave you wanting more.

From venturing on a sailboat to enjoying some downtime savoring one Otterlicious-style picnic, this will be one epic adventure.

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Grab your sunscreen and let’s go!

Can’t you feel the wind blowing through your hair right now?

It's another beautiful day, so let's go #sailing! #tradewindslife #yacht

Ett foto publicerat av TradeWinds (@tradewindslife)

Time to kick back and relax. Even if it’s just for a moment.

Want more?

We want more.

One catch.

You’ll have to wait to see what we have up our sleeve next. In the meantime, be sure to check out Life on a Boat.