Otter Escape – Stone Fox Swim Takes Us To Fiji

Photo: chels_fox/Instagram

Sunshine, crystal blue water, swimwear and coffee are what’s included in this week’s Otter Escape.

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We know we must have your attention already.

For this trip, we have something special planned for you, as we have the swim team of Stone Fox guiding us to Fiji and to the Koro Sun Resort.

Before we get to this mini holiday, we have to take a moment to let this adventure sync in…

The team of Stone Fox Swim gets to go to exotic locations and design swimwear?

Sign us up!

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Maybe we are ahead of ourselves again.

Let’s see what a typical design day could all entail.

First of all, one has to work…

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And take breaks…

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Or, really long breaks…

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Let’s rethink that caption.

Maybe this would be more about getting into the mindset of the consumer?

Yes, we like that approach.

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Off to search for some design inspiration!

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A successful trip with a collection well-designed collection…

Yeah, our intuition was right – sign us up!

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Until next time, keep dreaming of lots of sunshine and crystal blue waters as your next Otter Escape isn’t that far away.