Naomi Campbell Shared Insight Into the Legacy She Wants to Leave

Photo: iamnaomicampbell/instagram

Naomi Campbell is still modeling, and she seems quite busy! For the modeling industry, this is a quite an accomplishment. At the Cannes Lions panel on Wednesday, Naomi shared some insight into the legacy she wants to leave behind.

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“What matters in my legacy that I leave is that I’ve done enough for models of color and diversity,” commented Naomi, according to Page Six. “That’s what kept me here for so long is that I don’t feel — I haven’t felt — that it’s right… For years [diversity], has been this afterthought, and it should just be a thought along with everything else.”

She also shared how she had to overcome a range of obstacles to get to where she is, and they were not all related to the color of her skin.

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“When I did Playboy they said, ‘She can’t get the same money as Cindy Crawford,’” noted Campbell, according to Page Six. “My lawyer said, ‘Why?’ And they said, ‘because Naomi’s t–s are smaller.’ I was like, ‘So what? I’m built differently.’”

For a model that has remained a prominent force within the modeling and fashion industries, we have no doubt Naomi has the drive to accomplish what she sets her mind to.