Montauk, Miami and Carl G. Fisher

Photo: Quincy Davis/Instagram

The Gilded Age – a time when new money flowed and the houses got bigger and bigger and the extravagances reigned supreme.

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It was during this time Carl G. Fisher came into the picture.

According to Curbed, “Fisher intended to establish the town [Montauk] as a summer playground for the wealthy — and as the northern counterpart of Miami Beach, the city that Fisher had brought to life out of a swampy wasteland.”

Montauk and Miami Beach are two places we adore, so let’s keep going.

Curbed continues to explain how Fisher had a “showman’s flair” and a self-made man that built his fortune in the early 1900’s and can be credited as the “brains behind the Lincoln Highway, the country’s first coast-to-coast road for vehicles.”

As Fisher worked to foster his Miami Beach dream and push through his Montauk aspirations, world events would change his path.

From the bursting of Florida’s real estate bubble to the 1926 Miami Beach hurricane to the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression, Fisher’s visions would ultimately become impacted.

What’s the whole story?

How have Montauk and Miami Beach been shaped by Fisher?

Be sure to read the full article on Curbed.

Before you go, let’s take a moment to relish in some snaps of today’s Montauk, which were surely shaped by Fisher in one way or another.

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Pro surfer and Montauk native – Quincy Davis

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