#ModelMuse Selena Weber – Lace and Lingerie, #Md3 for Summer 2017

Photo: Selena W

One of the latest models we have coined as our #modelmuse is Selena Weber. She is a natural in front of the camera and an all around down-to-earth girl. For this interview, we wanted to pay a nod to our roots with one of our original model interview series – The Otter Ten.

  1. Would you prefer a day off in the city or in nature? Being a South Carolina girl, I have to go with a day off in nature!
  2. What’s your go-to lingerie brand? Either La Vie En Rose or Real Lingerie. They are both extremely comfortable and effortlessly sexy.
  3. Cotton or lace?
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Read the rest of the Otter Ten with Selena Weber in our Lace & Lingerie, #Md3 for Summer 2017 issue at malendyer.com.