Model Weekend Guide to Food in NYC

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When we get sun-filled days in New York City, you may think we are dreaming about the beach.

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Well, we are actually thinking of a picnic in Central Park.

Let’s be honest.

The beach is a given because it’s always on our mind.

Back to our Central Park daydream…

Maybe we grab an iced coffee on the way or grab a hot latte so it’s the perfect temp by the time we find our ideal park spot.

Keeping this moment in mind and knowing the weekend is nearly upon us, we are going to let the Dutch fashion model, Romee Strijd, take us on a NYC weekend food trip.

Friday night at Pier 59.

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Dinner at Kinugawa.

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A green juice Saturday morning looks like a great way to refresh after an Otterlicious Friday night.

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Time for some shopping?

We love the effortless yet stylish combination Romee is wearing.

Otter Style Tip: Romee is keeping her outfit simple and clean. In other words, her hair is pulled off of her face in a high ponytail; without any visible jewelry on, her bag takes center stage and the mixing and matching of her Adidas sneakers with the all-black dress is a nice way to balance sporty and sexy.

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A laid-back Saturday afternoon at Le Pain Quotidien

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Or, stop at Freds at Barneys New York.

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No matter which option you choose, weekends are meant to be shared with friends.

Romee is pictured here with this week’s Otter Model Spotlight pick – Jasmine Tookes.

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Like we said, the beach is always on our mind.

We wonder where the next food stop will be at – the beach?

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We think we’ve just inadvertently planned our entire weekend…