Model Street Style for Fall 2018 – Paris Fashion Week – Bonus Edition


We have taken you to the streets of London and to Paris. Now, we are heading back to France to give you a bonus edition of our Model Street Style series. In this installment, we are going black and white and not only have some great fashion but lots of smiles.

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C’est la vie.


Knee high suede boots done right. This model has elevated her look by pairing her leather shorts with a blazer and boots. And, her simple updo ensures the focus stays on the clothes.


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We are obsessed with plaid. Isabel Marant has influenced us with many of her looks this season, and we must admit, shopping in the men’s department for oversized flannel pieces are also a way to get this look.


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From flannel to black and sleek. Many say you need a little black dress in your wardrobe. Well, we believe you also need a black coat. We suggest getting one that will last, and you can keep for years to come.


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You have seen leather jackets featured already in this season’s Model Street Style series, and you will see it more than once just in this edit. Here, it is paired with a simple black turtleneck, which we should add, is a wardrobe staple itself.


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We are not always a fan of matching accessories. Yet, this model is proving that you can match accessories, and it is not frumpy or outdated. Quite the contrary in fact.


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The leather jacket (and black turtleneck) returns! Of course, the bottoms are different, and this is why we love this series – it is all about the personal style.


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And, when all else fails, just remember to be yourself. Of course, adding a Dior messenger bag to an otherwise casual outfit always helps too.


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