Model Selena Weber Speaks to Her Versatility, Inspiration and Goals

Selena Weber By Chris Borchetta

If you are thinking the name Selena Weber sounds familiar, well, it should. We recently featured her in our Model Spotlight series and quickly realized we needed to connect with her for an interview.

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Although pictures can speak to a lot of the story, we knew there was more to this South Carolina native, and we were right! As you’ll soon find out, she seems genuine, excited about the modeling and fashion industries and we cannot wait until our paths cross again.

Are we hinting at a new MalenDyer muse? Yes, we think so!

Before we give too many of our ideas away, onto the interview…

Selena Weber By Guenter Weber
Selena Weber By Guenter Weber

MalenDyer: Although your portfolio has many swim and athletic-focused images, it also includes some surprises. What do you look for in brands when choosing projects?
Selena Weber: Usually I like to be given a mood board to look over. Then, I can get a feel for the whole vibe of the project. With a mood board, I can sort of embrace the part fully. I like branching out sometimes because I am a very versatile model and I like to show that in my work.

MD: How do you prepare for a shoot?
SW: The night before a shoot, I always try to drink more water than I usually do, just so I stay hydrated and it’s really good for your skin. I do a face mask before bed and my usual bedtime beauty regime.

Selena Weber By Richard Guaty
Selena Weber By Richard Guaty

MD: What brand(s) would you like to work with?
SW: Oh goodness. There are a lot that I have my eye one. Time will tell!

MD: Who is a photographer that you would like to work with?
SW: There are a lot! Off the top of my head, [it would be] Jerome Duran; he shoots all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

“In the next year, I would like to be successfully working internationally.”

MD: Any advice you were given when beginning to venture out on your own in the modeling industry that still resonates with you?
SW: Every time I go to a casting, I think of my mom telling me to just be myself!

MD: Is there someone in the modeling industry you admire?
SW: I really admire Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – her beauty is so classic.

MD: Where would you like to see your career go in the next year? Five years?
SW: In the next year, I would like to be successfully working internationally. In the next five years, that you’ll see me everywhere.

Selena Weber By Dark Stripe Media
Selena Weber By Dark Stripe Media

MD: If you weren’t modeling today, what would we find you doing as a career?
SW: Before modeling I was managing a hotel, but I knew that wasn’t what I was meant to do.

MD: Who inspires you?
SW: My parents have always and will always inspire me. My dad is such an honest, hard working, generous person and my mom is the most beautiful soul I have ever met without a mean bone in her body. She lights up the room when she walks in and is loved by everyone. They are both just genuinely good people that are always honest and do the right thing. That is so rare to find these days, and it is truly inspiring for me to strive everyday to be a better person just like them.

“My parents have always and will always inspire me.”

MD: Before we let you go, how about a few light-hearted questions. What can we find you doing in your downtime?
SW: I love going on adventures, whether it’s a trip down to the Everglades and holding some alligators or riding a Vespa around town without an agenda! Usually I will be on the water somewhere, shopping around, going on bicycle rides or even watching one of my favorite shows!

MD: On that note, any hidden talents and/or guilty pleasures that take up your downtime?
SW: I have been skate boarding/street long boarding since high school. Also, I’m currently learning how to surf!

Selena Weber By Richard Guaty
Selena Weber By Richard Guaty

MD: What’s your favorite animal?
SW: I think dogs will always be my number one. I LOVE them all so much! Horses come in a close second.

MD: To close out this interview, as we love ourselves a good book, what can we find you reading right now?
SW: I’m actually reading a book that I bought for my momma the other day, but it turns out I already bought her the same book years ago and forgot! It’s called, “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav.

Selena Weber By Omare Haynes
Selena Weber By Omare Haynes

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