Mini Cooper Love

Photo: shinobu555/Instagram

Grab the keys!

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Time to head out on an Otterlicious Road Trip.

We are hopping in the the Otter Car and taking the roads wherever they lead – we are sure a beach is somewhere in our midsts.

The Otter Car we are in?

It’s the Mini Cooper!

There’s something about this car that makes it so special to us. As the brand says,

The unique combination of classic British style in a low-cost, small size, fun and nimble package came to symbolize independence and spontaneity. The very essence of the youthful 1960s culture

Well said!

The Mini Cooper exudes fun and a laid-back spirit that is to the core of MD. Maybe this is part of the reason we are drawn to this quirky cute car.

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Now, imagine taking a Mini Cooper and an Airstream on an Otterlicious adventure?!