Makarawear – Beachwear You Need Now

Makara wear

We got to speak with Gerda Mi, founder of Makarawear, to find out what she is loving now. Here’s a hint, it begins with some functional swimwear.

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Off to Gerda…

The Budi Sporty Bikini Bottom

Our Budi Sporty Bikini Bottom has a little pocket with a zipper and key chain tag. Now, girls surf with keys and cash!

Budi Sporty Bikini Bottom, Makara wear

The Chloe Bikini Top

Our iconic Ladysliders are a perfect pairing with the Chloe Bikini Top.

Organic Cotton Must-Haves

Our Motor T-Shirt is an amazing piece for biker girls or boho chicks.

And, another must-have is our Japanese street style-cut for urban active chicks LIM Longsleeve T-shirt.

We think that organic cotton is the future, to sustain our beautiful globe.

Wild babe @chuliefox in MOTOR T-shirt

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