Photo: LEXMONDvsLEXMOND/Instagram

We are constantly on the hunt for brands that exude something special. Especially since there are so many fashion brands available today and many amazing ones that go under the radar, we feel it’s part of our duty to bring them to the forefront.

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The latest fashion brand that fits this is LEXMONDvsLEXMOND. 

In the curated selection of images below, we are loving the retro feel of the shoot. There is something modern and refined yet offering a throwback to yesteryear that we can’t get enough of.

We’ll leave you with some insight into the brand itself.

A sparking diamond, an overflowing ripe fruit, a treasured memory.

LEXMONDvsLEXMOND was established in 2014 by Jetteke and Lieke Van Lexmond. Reflecting a sense of timeless elegance and purity, the brand’s mission is to resonate with women of all ages and cultures.

We’d say they are proving true to their mission with these shots.


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