Laurène Chapuis Opens Up About Modeling, Acting Aspirations and Love of France

photo: Lionel Gasperini

One of our favorite parts about interviewing models, designers, photographers and other professionals, is we get an understanding of their journey and their aspirations for the future. This is the case with Laurène Chapuis, a French model whose modeling journey began with acting aspirations.

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“I always wanted to be in an artistic profession, but I started in studies for security,” Laurène shared with us via France. “One day, I decided to stop everything (I lived in Lyon at the time), to go to Paris to live my dream of becoming an actress. And to prepare my arrival in Paris and put money aside, I started to put myself into modeling. At that moment, I was spotted on the street by Mickael Thonnard, agent at VIP Models Agency. That’s how I really started to work as a model.”

photo: Lionel Gasperini

Even though we have interviewed quite a few models, it always surprises us to hear that in many cases, modeling was not necessarily a career they aspired for. Instead, their aspirations were for something else and modeling was either a means to an end or a path they pursued by chance and found it to be somewhere they would give their all to see where it goes.

In the case with Laurène, her candid view on her entry into modeling was humbling. We are certain more women have felt the same emotions as her, even in their day-to-day lives.

“I was afraid to try, afraid to not look beautiful in pictures and afraid to disappoint clients.”

“Modeling was often recommended to me, but it was not what I dreamed for myself, even if we are all amazed – secretly – in front of the beautiful women who make the covers of magazine.” Laurène confided. “Also, I did not necessarily trust myself. I doubted about working well in this environment. I was afraid to try, afraid to not look beautiful in pictures and afraid to disappoint clients.”

Yet, Laurène appears to be taking her modeling career from strength to strength. She has worked for Karl Marc John, Beliza Swimwear, The Minority, Fine Paris and more. With a stronghold in France, we are certain she will be expanding her book to the rest of Europe and America soon.

Laurène has already landed herself in some magazines, including Version Femina and Voici. When we asked her about her first cover, which was for Version Femina, we were once again were in awe of her candid response.

“We do not imagine the effect that it is to find oneself in a magazine. It’s weird,” Laurène shared. “We wonder what we are doing there! It’s a bit awkward, as we are a little afraid to be noticed even if we are proud at the same time. We wonder a little if we are in our place, and because I’m very critical of myself in photos I tell myself that I could do better.”

photo: Lionel Gasperini

The modeling industry is a tough industry. We have said it before, so we can completely understand Laurène’s apprehension and even self-reflection before and after a project. Modeling is a business, and it is a job.

“We do not imagine the effect that it is to find oneself in a magazine. It’s weird.”

Before this interview gets too deep into modeling as a business, we also spent some time speaking with Laurène about France. We love France. Between the people, the culture and the food, we appreciate what the country has to offer.

“I think I have a lot of luck to have been born in France. It is a beautiful country with no need to go abroad to see gorgeous and especially varied landscapes. Whether it is the countryside, the mountains or the sea, we have everything,” the French native shared. “And above all I find that there is a certain sweetness of life, a freedom that is good. I am proud of my country and the values it represents, and for a lover of the arts in general but especially of cinema, French culture is fantastic.”


As Laurène mentioned earlier in this interview, her dream was to be an actress. During our interview, she speaks of cinema quite a bit, and we have to agree with her about French movies. Nous aimons le cinéma français. As we continued our discussion, we wanted to find out who has inspired her, and we came full circle back to the cinema but not in the way you would expect.

“I’m passionate about cinema, but in a broader sense I’m inspired by all of those who fight for their dreams or just who are fighting for what they believe in,” Laurène said. “I admire the courage of others. I admire the artists and all of these people out of the ordinary who shine by their intelligence, their kindness or their strength. Besides, I do not necessarily have a favorite artist. What makes a mark on me the most can be a performance in a film, a photo, a speech, a few lines that will come to touch me in the heart. It’s just after that [action], I’ll look at the person behind [that action].”

Although Laurène is working as a model, which she seems grateful for has it has allowed her to live her dreams, she confirmed with us her priority and desire is still to become an actress. She understands the hurdles to make this dream a reality, although, she seems grounded and with a solid head on her shoulders, which we know will help differentiate her from the pack.

“I would always like to learn to be a better person, and I am a fighter,” Laurène commented. “I hope to follow the example of the women who raised me and to be able to show such courage and determination. For next year, I hope to continue to evolve on this beautiful momentum on which I since arrived when I came to Paris last September. I hope to be able to work as much as I am right now, and to evolve in the courses that I follow in the ‘Laboratoire de L’Acteur’ to become an actress.”

Laurène continued, “In five years, even if it seems crazy to me, I hope to invite my family and my friends to see me on the big screen. And maybe after that, some brands that made me dream as a model will call me to be the new muse for their brand – who knows.”

Well, one thing is for certain, we have found our new muse.

photo: Emmanuel de Jorna

Connect with Laurène @laurenechap.

Laurène is represented by Metropolitan Models.