Kelly Gale for Calzedonia’s Summer 2015 Campaign

Photo: Calzedonia Beachwear

Kelly Gale fronts Calzedonia’s summer 2015 campaign, and it’s going to make you want to purchase swimwear from this Italian brand straight-away.

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We just wanted to warn you.

Besides the fact this model grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, she is quite an inspiration.

She spoke to Vogue about her battles with bullying.

When everyone at school found out that I had started working and modeling for H&M, they didn’t like that.

My classmates were like ‘Oh, you think you can be a model, we’re going to show her that we can also do it.’

It got so bad, they were giving me such a hard time, I was getting beat up and stuff, and the teachers weren’t doing anything. At one point, I was hit at school and on the bus. The girls at that school would all stand in a ring around me, and one girl would come up and hit me. The older guys would say ‘Hit her, hit her!’ and then film it with their phones.

On the way home one day, a new girl who just started school came up to me and said, ‘I heard so much about you and I’m new here, and this stuff just doesn’t go!’ Then she just hit me, and no one on the bus—not even the adults— did anything.

We applaud Kelly for sharing her story, as we are sure many can relate.

She did find the silver lining in this experience though.

I think, looking back, it was good for me to go through something like that. It made me a stronger person.

We are sending you lots of love and in the words of our (imaginative) BFF Taylor Swift, “The haters are gonna hate.”

Switching gears to a much more light-hearted topic, let’s check out Kelly for Calzedonia.






Photo: Calzedonia

Continue to be the best you Kelly, as it always wins out in the end.