Jameson, More Than Whiskey – Lace and Lingerie, #Md3 for Summer 2017

Photo: Jameson

Whiskey is a drink that can quench a thirst, soothe nerves and best of all, add to a conversation. While visiting Ireland, we were fortunate enough to tour Jameson Whiskey distillery. As this was quite a few years ago, we thought it would be the perfect time for us to check-in to see what is new with Jameson and what else we need to know.

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John Jameson began making his namesake whiskey, as we know it today, in 1780. Jameson was not Irish but Scottish. His forefathers received the crest that read, “Sine Metu” [without fear], due to their bravery in fighting pirates. That fighting spirit seemed to have parlayed into Jameson and later his sons who ran the whiskey brand through both World Wars, the Irish Civil War, Prohibition and British Trade Embargoes.

Most recently, the brand re-opened its home in Smithfield, Dublin, which at its peak in the late 1800’s, spanned five acres and employed over 300 workers*…

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