James Read Shares Self-Tanning Tips

Photo: jamesreadtan/Instagram

UK-based James Read has tanned the bodies of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lara Stone, among others.

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He recently spoke to Grazia about self-tanning, and we’ve compiled a few of our favorites James tips.

First off, when is the best time to apply self-tan?

In the evening, so you can sleep and wash it off in the morning. You also tend to sweat more in the day, which can cause streaks while the tan is developing.

How can we avoid those dreadful orange hands that are a sure sign we’ve used self-tanner?

ALWAYS use a mitt and make sure you wipe your palms on a towel when you are finished or use wet wipes.

Never apply fake tan directly to your hands; always work the excess product from the arms onto the hands and the same with the legs and onto the feet and ankles.

What is the best way to maintain our tan?

You can re-apply gradual tanning products such as my Day Tan Body and Face over 2/3 days.

For self-tans, I’d always recommend exfoliating on the 4th or 5th day after tanning, then reapply the tan.

For stubborn areas where exfoliation doesn’t help to remove the tan, use an enzyme peel like my Enzyme Peel Mask.

Be sure to check out Grazia for the entire interview.

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Here’s one more we’ll leave you with – how to tan one of the hardest to reach places – your back.

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Happy tanning!